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KAR/H3100 Online Version of Nursing Skills

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KAR/H3100 is designed according to the latest nursing curriculum for clinical nursing training. The system consists of a full-body male manikin, vital signs simulator, multi-parameters simulative monitor and computer. It can simulate basic nursing and advanced nursing, including non-invasive BP measurement, auscultation heart sound, respiration sound, bowel sound, pulse, BP, ECG and other vital signs functions; meanwhile, the system is suitable for hospitals, Medical Colleges, Health Schools and provide skills training for rural doctors, also provide CPR, external defibrillation and other emergency operation skills. The system can simulate virtual nursing cases and nursing skills training, features combination of text, auditory image and videos, operation log, save, assessment evaluation, result printing, interactive network. Its birth fills the gaps of national advanced nursing education field, marking our nursing education mode joins up with the develop countries.

Serviceable subjective:
Respiratory department, Cardiology department, Neurology department, Genitourinary Surgery, Surgery, Pharmacology, Nursing, Anaesthesia medicine, Emergency medicine, Critical care medicine, Military/Field medicine;

Serviceable group:
Post-graduate, interns, doctors, anaesthesia doctor, emergency center doctors, field ambulance staff, advanced study doctors, nurse;

Serviceable range:
Clinical teaching, physician, various assessment and emergency knowledge popularity;

Implement standard: AHA (American Heart Association) 2010 guideline for CPR and ECC

System features:
· This sign indicates that the functions can be run only when the manikin is used with the optional accessories;

ICU care:
1. Airway management: standard oral and nasal intubation, tracheotomy; open airway by head tilt and jaw thrust; audible warning feedback if there is pressure on the teeth; detect intubation position via auscultation; simulate locked jaw, lingual edema, pharyngeal edema, laryngospasm, unilateral and bilateral pulmonary obstruction, airway obstruction, etc;
2. CPR Operation Training: multiple breathing ways by mouth to mouth, mouth to nose and simple respirator to mouth; electronically monitor airway open, respiratory times, frequency and volume, and compression times, frequency, position and depth; automatically judge the ratio of respiration and chest compression.; showing data in real time with English voice prompts during the entire process; after successful rescue, pupil state change to normal and restore spontaneous carotid artery pulse;
· Real defibrillation and pacing: can be used with different kinds of defibrillating pacer to achieve real defibrillation and pacing;
· Simulative defibrillation and pacing: multimedia animation displays the operation process of medical defibrillator; used with KAR/AED980 simulative defibrillating pacer to achieve defibrillation and pacing; defibrillation energy is selectable, the maximum energy is 360J;
· Real AED: can be used with different types of AED to achieve AED operation;
· Simulative AED: multimedia animation displays AED operation process; be used with KAR/AED98F automatic external defibrillation machine to achieve AED training; English voice prompts during the entire process; providing electrode button; automatic heart rhythm detection and analyze if the defibrillation is needed;
· Real ECG monitoring: supporting different manufacturers and types of ECG monitor, which can achieve real ECG monitoring;
· Simulative ECG monitoring: monitor blood oxygen with finger-piece blood detecting head; simulative ECG monitoring can be achieved while using with KAR/AEDJ116 simulative multi-parameter ECG monitor; available of thousands of ECG; the LCD screen of simulative multi-parameter monitor (only for training use) displays 2-lead ECG, saturation of blood oxygen, breath, CO2, BP (arterial BP, central venous pressure, pulmonary arterial pressure, non-invasive BP), cardiac output etc;

Vital signs simulation:
1. Vital signs simulation: pupil observation, LCD pupil display with CSTN pseudo-color, 65K color, RGB; diameter range: 1-9mm; simulate different pupil states: normal, mydriasis and miosis. Etc; spontaneous carotid artery pulse, vivid reproduction of patient moaning, coughing and vomiting sound;
2. Respiration mode: normal breath, sighing breath, Cheyne-stokes breath, Kussmaul-kien respiration and Biot’s respiration;
3. Realistic spontaneous breathing; chest rise while breathing, breathing frequency and depth can be adjusted;
4. Auscultation: provides dozens of sounds, including normal heart sound, abnormal heart sound, normal breath sound, abnormal breath sound, normal bowel sound, abnormal bowel sound;

Basic care:
1. Puncture: thoracic puncture, bone marrow puncture;
2. BP measurement, venipuncture and vastus lateralis intramuscular injection; highly realistic arm vein; a discernable “pop” can be felt when entering the veins and blood flash back indicating proper insertion; skin and blood vessel is replaceable;
3. Hair washing and combing, face washing, ear irrigation and drops, mouth care, artificial teeth care, sputum suction, oxygen inhalation, oral and nasal feeding, gastric lavage, gastrointestinal decompression, enema, stoma drainage, male/female urethral catheterization, male/female bladder irrigation;

1. Simulative injection pump/infusion pump usage: multimedia animation shows the operation procedures of injection pump and infusion pump; drugs can be selected while operation;
2. Nursing scenes script training/assessment: the software comes with dozens of nursing scenes, covering medical department, surgical department, Emergency, ICU patient care, and it provides nursing operation test via interactive multimedia courseware; the software provides multiple drug treatment and typical auxiliary examination, chest X-ray, ultra-sound ECG, 12 lead ECG, etc
3. Script/cases editing: provide multiple common cases; the animation vividly reproduces the real emergency scenes; emergency cases can be edited by user-self; pathogenetic condition changes and students operation process will be recorded in the software;
4. Operate PETCO2: confirm tracheal intubation position and monitor the validity of resuscitation operation.
5. LAN teaching: teaching for all students, self-study, practice and assessment, teachers computer can monitor all the students computer

(1). ACLS Full-body manikin
(2). KAR/S7 BP measurement trainer
(3). BVM, auscultator, laryngoscope, tracheal cannula, transfusion set, medical air compressor

*LAN application software for teacher V2.0
*LAN application software for students V2.0
*ACLS script editor V2.0